Beit Um Amel/ بيت ام امل

Suggesting there is no longer a digital divide between theory and practice, Beit Um Amel inhabits the integration of technology into our everyday lives means we are all already living an immersive digital experience. The figure of Arab cyborg and mother come together in VJ Um Amel/ فيجاي ام امل who transformed a gallery space in Cairo into her home. Welcoming visitors into her home, the cyborg asks that we navigate shifting datascapes with greater intentionality, awareness, and an insistence on hope.

10 works: interactive, sculpture, metal, canvas, and projection.
Future Gallery, Tahrir Cultural Center, American University in Cairo
Curated by Shiva Balaghi, Ph.D., Curatorial essay
February 12 – March 11, 2020

*Beit Um Amel installation

10 works: interactive, sculpture, metal, canvas, and projection

Beach/ الشاطئ

30” X 20”: innovated pixel sorting

Birds 1.0 / طيور

20"x16": dye sublimation on aluminum or canvas

Data Body / مجسّم من البيانات

18"x12": interactive sculpture and dye sublimation on metal

Lego Welts/ كدمات البكسل

30” X 20”: A consideration of power.

Lightning v1.1/ برق

30"x20": disjunction between seductive and destructive

Movement/ تحرّك

26” X 30”: A consideration of digital motion.

Rosetta Archive, 2011-2012 أرشيف روزيتا

projection: microcosms within macrocosms

Tapestry /نسيج

26"x20": dye sublimation on aluminum