Aesthetically, Tweet World is an attempt to transform a 2D data visualization into a 3D immersive environment. This game prototype uses a representation of 500,000 Twitter posts on #Syria collected in August 2011, and machine learning analytics that determine how many tweets were in Arabic (green), English (blue), and French (red). The challenge was in connecting this 3D data visualization directly to the live stream of tweets. The green waterfalls are Arabic tweets, the blue waterfalls are English tweets, and the red ones are French tweets. The more elevated the terrain the more retweeting occurred. Your mission is to find the original tweet in each language. The winners get access to the data. The data itself appear in comma delineated tables and easily downloadable. You are able to down- load four distinct files for each of the hashtags you find. They appear in a database structure of rows and columns for the player to use in any imaginative way