On Friday, February 8th 2013, a few block from Tahrir Square at 22 Talaat Harb Street, VJ Um Amel joined @100Copies Music Squad for a night a experimental live visual performance. As protestors took to the streets, this group took to cultural expression on the situation. Ismail Hosny: synth Minus T: samplers, laptop Mahmoud Refat: turntables VJ Um Amel: live visuals A spectacular live cinema event merging animation, visual media, and social media archives with live acoustic and electronic music. Exciting and innovative Los Angeles-based digital artist VJ Um Amel will perform live visuals with live acoustic and electronic music by Cairo’s 100COPIES MUSIC squad. This cutting-edge performance will span animation, experimental documentary and abstract visual music. The cinematic venue will come alive with large animation and algorithmically programmed projections.


Experimental Gig @100Copies Music

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