In this short video of highlights, Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency co-founders Shahid Buttar and VJ Um Amel reunite to beta launch a new digital media studio at UC Santa Barbara: Wireframe. Leading an innovative form of humanities-based inquiry that explores digital media through critically and theoretically informed collaborative design practices, UCSB Film and Media Studies Professors Laila Shereen Sakr and Alenda Chang established Wireframe digital media studio in 2017.

On the mic in order of appearance

Janet Walker
Shahid Buttar
VJ Um Amel
Greg Siegel (on drums)
Alex Champlin
Alenda Chang
Cristina Venegas
David Novak
Bishnupriya Ghosh
Ziad Marcus (on drums)
Zaveeni Khan-Marcus
Jiahong (Melinda) Guo
Felice Blake