Call 2 Presence (Full-length) from VJ Um Amel on Vimeo.

Call 2 Presence is a short film that asks the audience to get present with landscapes of differences between Arabic and English speaking worlds. In this transmediale film, VJ Um Amel is joined by her bot companions – Femme Bot and Shashi as they travel through various media ecologies looking for Um Amel’s child. If VJ Um Amel is a cyborg, then what does ‘hope’ look like? Join our cyborgs as they try to understand what hope looks like in a post 911 world. *This is a 5 minute edited version.*

Um Amel is Arabic for ‘Mother of Hope.’ Conceptually, this work stitches together dynamic, cultural concepts of ‘Arab’ (symbolic reproducer), ‘Cyborg’ (material reproducer), and ‘Mother’ (biological reproducer) as this subject travels unevenly across the terrain of contemporary cultural productions.

Call 2 Presence The Fridge Art

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